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Posted 1:58 pm, 07/22/2017

"Where am I heading at work?"

4 of Wands | 9 of Pentacles | Sun
Torch......|4-Leaf Clover.....|Turkey

The first batch of cards with the 4 of Wands suggests that there's some news or information coming in, and it seems like it's going to be with regard to giving credit where it's due; this feels like something outside coming in to the place you work, not from within the exact location of where you work. It almost seems as if you will be sharing this credit, and perhaps the other person doesn't really deserve it, because you'll both be getting recognized for something you did, it seems.

The second batch of cards shows that this slight thing (someone else sharing your credit) is going to bother you, though you will still be standing in a strong position. You have the stuff it takes to create gain and success for yourself. You simply won't like that someone else appears to be feeding off of it. You want to be recognized for your full value; not the value that someone else jumps in on with you.

The last batch of cards suggest that you're going to get an opportunity to impress someone important. Be cautious about speaking ill of the person you work with, but certainly, speak the truth -- most notably about yourself and the good things you're doing, your passion for your work, and about where you would like to go next. Make sure they understand you would like to be recognized for your personal achievements and not to lump you in with this other person and do it in as honest and polite of terms as you can. I'm not sure exactly what the tea cards may be referring to, but it shows someone behaving stupidly with regard to money/material things. This is something that may come to light, or perhaps something you may make an important person aware of.

This is what I see here, let me know if it's helpful and makes sense to you!


Posted 1:02 pm, 07/22/2017

Tarot Heaven
"What is the best way to obtain my financial goals in regard to BPC?"

Hierophant | Ace of Wands | Judgment

It looks like you need to make an appeal to someone that is in a position to help you; this person could appreciate any family concerns or family plans that you have and would take that into consideration while providing you guidance or assistance on how best to go about things. This is someone that would stand out to you as a person that always keeps their word. (Hierophant + Hand + Weeping Willow)

I tend to see the Aces as increases of something from their element -- for Wands it would be effort on your part; raising your awareness, raising your energy, raising your confidence, but also, this might be new efforts on your part, given the advice of the person the Hierophant represents. The Owl also suggests that taking this person's advice, acting on it, would be wise. Whatever they advise is something that would get you recognition for your efforts. This recognition is what will help bring about financial rewards towards meeting your goals.

The last set of cards comes across as your need to toot your own horn. This may not be an overnight thing; with the ladder it comes across as speaking up every time you accomplish something and progress to a next stage. Make sure you are receiving/taking credit where it's due and appreciating those goals that have successfully come to a close while providing you the next platform from which to stand as you reach for the next opportunity.

Overall, you do need some help from a mentor or guide to get started, and following upon that, you will need to draw attention to yourself and what you accomplish as you accomplish it. Making some noise, so to speak, will draw more opportunities to you.

This is what I see here, let me know if it helps and makes sense to you!


Posted 2:53 am, 07/22/2017

Hi Amanda

Yeah for the purple font I say too. Lol.
I would love to know where I am heading at work? I am in a very difficult situation with a co-worker who is keeping me down and treating me very badly, example not communicating with me regarding work stuff etc. She wants the light to shine on her only and we had words but I am still stuck with her hoping management will move me.



Posted 6:20 am, 07/21/2017

Hi! My apologies for not responding sooner; I'll take a look at this after work today. :)


Posted 12:54 pm, 07/19/2017

Thanks Amanda. I'll do a reading exchange with you.

My question is what is the best way to obtain my financial goals inregard to BPC (name of company).


Posted 5:33 pm, 07/14/2017

Yay for purple font!

If anyone is around, I'd be happy to do some quick readings. I realize a lot of people may not be here, so I'll leave this offer up for a little while. All I ask is that you let me know what you think of the reading with some juicy feedback -- I want to know what's right, of course!


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