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Yet another spread that I just can't understand


Posted 4:37 am, 09/14/2017

Haha, don't worry too much... I built this site using the framework of another of my sites, and on that site people would constantly try to get around profanity filters, and I'm sure you can imagine which word they were getting around by typing shat...

I'll fix your post in a minute, but I figured that I would explain the issue, too.


Posted 3:13 am, 09/14/2017

sigh...I give up.


Posted 3:11 am, 09/14/2017

the word is ****-t-e-r-e-d!


Posted 3:10 am, 09/14/2017

why did it **** out the word ****ered?


Posted 3:08 am, 09/14/2017

Personally, I would have read the jumpers (since your spread is only 3 cards) OR put them back into the deck, continued to shuffle and then drew the cards to be read and read only those 3 cards + the shadow card. For me, the shadow card modifies, or is the basis for the reading and is read in context with every card in the spread.

So, if I were to read the first 3 cards (the jumpers) as a throw + the shadow card, and using your interpretative wording…I would read this as….

Tower - illusions being shattered or emotional upheaval
King of Pents - I also see this card as you. A down to earth man who feels the temptation to sweep someone off their feet.
6 of Wands - you will be recognized, but not in the way you might want (wishful thinking)

7 of Hearts - Shadow for both readings

As for the actual throw + shadow

Ace of Wands - first impressions may be an illusion, don't trust them.
Princess of Pents - could be the girl, could be your wanting it to be this girl (wishful thinking)
Star - hoping that your dreams come true and tempted to keep trying no matter how out of reach your goal may seem. (renewed temptation)

Just my take on it...


Posted 4:34 am, 09/10/2017

You guys know that I do a weekly spread, just asking for the outcome for the week. Last week, my spread was:

Tower (Disaster, upheaval, sudden change, revelation)

King of Pent (Security, control, power, discipline, abundance; could represent me; strong omen for love and sweeping someone off their feet)

6 of Wands (physical victory, success, public recognition; successful formation of a friendship or romance)

Ace of Wands (go by your first impression; a sign to just go for it; initiate new projects; forcing or being forced; start of something positive, maybe sexual since it's phallic)

Princess of Pent (Manifestation, financial opportunity, new job; focus on what is relevant; love is present, but will only be acted upon after consideration)

Star (Hope, spirituality, renewal, inspiration, serenity; focus on positive, ignore negative; the person in question is focused on herself)

7 of Hearts (illusion, wishful thinking, maybe temptation)

I felt like those were a lot of jumpers, and the first one jumped on the first toss of the first shuffle so I wasn't sure whether to even accept it. But at the same time, the Tower is usually pretty negative so I thought, maybe that's just me being hopeful? So I kept it in my notes, anyway.

The Princess of Pent used to represent a girl that used to be a lover of mine, several years ago. We still keep in touch at random times, but not often. So with the Princess being the focus of the spread, naturally she came to mind.

But what confused me is the Tower is usually a pretty negative card for me, and the 7 of Hearts usually signifies that I'm hoping for something that's not going to happen. But other than those two cards, all of the others seem exceptionally positive: abundance, success, start of something positive, opportunities, etc.

And in the back of my mind, I also hoped that maybe the girl that used to be represented by the Princess was going to give me a call this week, and then all of the other cards would fall in place.

Or at the very least there would be some opportunity of building a friendship or romantic connection.

But here we are at the end of the week, and virtually nothing happened. I did have a trip to Florida that was canceled last minute due to Irma, so that could be the Tower (the card I considered not even counting), but other than that there was nothing that could relate to any of the other cards. I'm not even sure if I spoke to anyone other than a few waiters / waitresses.

In fact, I ended up deleting a girl from my social media that I was crushing on awhile back, because I've been feeling like I'm chasing a girl that's not interested (even though she says she is, she makes no effort at all). But, then, I read the spread again and thought that maybe the spread was advising me to be positive, so I added her back and sent her one last message, inviting to dinner... but she said she can't because she has to work, but didn't suggestive an alternative date (which feels like a rejection to me). I definitely didn't sweep her off her feet!

I always struggle with seeing the spread as a whole instead of each card individually. So how would you guys have read this spread?


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