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How do you guys shuffle?


Posted 12:41 am, 09/30/2017

If I think my cards are not getting shuffled thoroughly enough, I will take them and make 7 stacks representing the 7 days of the week by dealing one card for each stack until I have only one card left (7 stacks of 11 cards each = 77 cards with 1 card left over) and that last leftover card will be placed on the day of the week I'm reading on. Then I will use only the cards in that stack for the spread I'm going to read. Let's say I'm reading today, which is Sat., so the first card goes on Sunday's stack, second card goes on Mon. stack, 3 card goes on Tues. stack and so on through to the 7th card on Sat. stack then I repeat by placing the 8th card on Sun. stack, 9th card on Mon. etc. until all 7 stacks have 11 cards in them. The final and last card would be placed on Sat. stack which now has 12 cards and that is the stack I will pick up and read from.

I may also shuffle and then fan them out and pick randomly the cards for the reading. Sometimes I have the seeker shuffle, fan and choose the cards. At other times I may take the stack from the above method and lay those 12 cards out one by one and let the seeker choose from those. If it's a simple 3 card spread, I may shuffle and cut the deck into thirds and turn over the top card of each of the three stacks and read those. It all depends on what I want to do at the time.


Posted 4:20 am, 09/10/2017

I've always just done an overhand toss, but a lot of times I see the same cards come up together and it makes me question whether that's the "real" intent, or just the same stack coming up.

I've been hesitant to do a riffle shuffle because I've had the same deck for 20+ years, and really don't want to risk bending the edges or damaging the cards.

I've also seen people do a Corgi shuffle, where you basically just spread them all out on the table or floor and slide them around randomly, then either pick cards at random for the spread or push them back into a pile. But I do my spreads at a small-ish desk and don't have that kind of room.

So what do you do, and why?


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