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How do you manage reversals?


Posted 8:14 am, 08/10/2017

I definitely use reversals.

Most references show a reversed meaning - sometimes a totally different meaning.

It was suggested on a site that a positive card reversed can indicate a diminished outcome. I think they also can scream warnings at us too.

The exception is that some decks don't do reversals - the Illuminated Tarot for one. The accompanying book doesn't list any reversals.

I will admit when calculating quints the negative value of reversed cards can throw things off slightly. Though if you use reversed cards you may get a reversed quint value ( a negative value)

Just my thoughts . . .



Posted 8:01 am, 07/26/2017

I actually learned to read tarot on reversals; it wasn't until later years that I practiced upright-only cards. This added some great visual stuff to my readings and I do use Facing and Elemental Dignities. It probably helps to have a traditional deck.

Something to remember when using Facing (or both, really) is to find the 'central' point in the spread. It may not actually be the central card.

Well, let me back that up a second. LOL
Imagine you are laying your cards down on an invisible grid: everything closer to the left is more past-oriented, everything in the middle is more present-oriented, and everything towards the right is more future-oriented.

Now, everything Facing to the left is putting emphasis on the past but let's say... you have a card that faces left but it's in a future position -- that would indicate a presence coming into the present situation.

I'm most familiar with RWS, but perhaps later I can pull some random cards from the Enchanted Tarot and explain the process a little more clearly. Some key things to remember though is keeping that invisible grid in mind, and finding the actual center of the spread, based on how things look within all the cards. (I use these things to define more clearly how strong or weak the elements are.)


Posted 9:08 pm, 07/23/2017

The concept of reversals has always eluded me, really. I mean, I keep my cards straight and shuffle pretty consistently the same way, so the only chance I have for a traditional reversal is if a jumper physically falls to the floor and lands reversed. But that's a pretty rare occurrence!

My spreads are usually done in a pyramid shape, with the focus card at the top of the pyramid, one clarifier on the left, and another clarifier on the right. Someone suggested awhile back that I base it on how the clarifiers are facing; eg, if the main character in the clarifier is facing toward the focus then consider the traditional meaning, but if it's looking away then consider it reversed.

Which is fine and dandy, but that means that (a) the focus card would never be reversed, and (b) some cards that face forward or have two characters facing one another would never be reversed. One example:

I've also had it suggested that I consider Elemental Dignities, but that gets REAL complicated and hard for me to figure out.

So how do you guys read reversals? Or do you consider them at all?


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