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Posted 7:55 am, 08/28/2017

I would read this Quint as the World. I wouldn't reduce it any further. Some others do reduce it further and consider both cards when interpreting the spread. I think one Quint is enough. ;-)

I'd also use the Quint as a bit of a control. It's an earth card, so it would have an especially strong influence on the 7 of Hearts, since that is a water card. It would have a neutral influence on the wand, since that is a fire card, and it would have a weak influence on the sword, since that is an air card.

So, 7 of Cups (with the World's influence) may be talking about an especially large choice/dream -- we're talking a "life goal" perhaps.

The 7 of Wands, pretty much interpreted as it is, being neutral to the World, would suggest that this choice/dream is certainly possible, but won't be easy to accomplish. It's a fight for one to have "everything" perhaps.

And then the 7 of Swords, having a weak connection with the World would suggest something like, the danger of giving up or only reaching part of the goal. It's the failure to get "everything" perhaps.


Posted 11:11 pm, 08/16/2017

Amanda has talked about the Quint card a lot, so I'm trying to pay attention to it more. Do you guys see it as being similar to the Shadow card (like, a hidden influence), or more like an additional card to the spread?

Further, let's say I have this spread:

7 of Hearts
7 of Wands
7 of Swords

Adding these together come to 21. So is the Quint the World card? Or do I add the 2 and 1 together to get the Empress?

Meaning, do I always reduce to 1 digit (meaning the Quint will never be any of the later Majors), or do I just reduce until I get to 21 or lower?


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